TOP 3 World bodybuilding legends

Why do we hear so little about them?


MIKE MENTZER is the idol of many beginners, active and mature bodybuilders in sports and in life; a man of the tragic destiny, a writer, a philosopher, a scientist, a doctor. Mike is the author of many articles and the most revolutionary bodybuilding technique «Heavy duty». In addition, he is Mr. Olympia 1979 (heavyweight).


His admirers would sell their souls to look like him. And those who studied his biography found that his philosophy was close to them. His bright and short life was interesting and instructive. He made a revolution in the theory of modern bodybuilding living thousands of students and millions of followers around the world. Before his death he was ready to give one kidney to his brother who had kidney failure. He died early, when he was 49. Make was survived by his brother for two days.



Other no less significant legend in bodybuilding is the legendary bodybuilder, BILL PEARL, known to everyone as an active supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Bill won the title “Mr. Universe” four times. In 1996 his name was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame. Since his career as a bodybuilder, Bill Pearl has become an extremely successful coach, bodybuilding consultant, the owner of sports clubs and a writer. He is already 90 years old.



DORIAN YATES – six-time Mr. Olympia, also well known as a follower of Mike Mentzer. Before the 1983 Olympia he had torn his left bicep. There were 2 weeks before the competition but he still decided to perform. He disregarded the operation for the competition.


At the Olympia ’83 he took first place! In April 2021 he turns 58 years old and age does not stop him from doing his favorite thing. He trains others, trains himself and writes professional literature.



We will always remember Mike Mentzer for a huge contribution to the development of bodybuilding theory. Bill Pearl and Dorian Yates, we just want both of you to be healthy and happy! Thank you!


Best regards, Bobo145

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