What do men like in women? And what do women like in men? This theme is highly controversial and I anticipate a flurry of objections. So… that’s fine.

People are different and there is no single stereotype. But nobody’s canceled physiology yet. There must be a physiological priority for our mutual attraction which based on the laws of evolution. All other priorities are created only by our fantasies.

Every man likes something different in women. One likes a beautiful face. Somebody prefers full breasts. Or wide hips. Or a look. Eyes. Eyelashes. Or the scent (I remember the cult film “Scent of a Woman” by Martin Brest). Some people like women’s hands. Hands, fingers, vein pattern… And what about ladies?  What do women like in men? – Some ladies like men’s facial features. Others prefer a figure (and not necessarily athletic!). I’ve met women who get turned on by little men with beer bellies. One girl told me that she liked balding men… But seriously very often women like MACHO men. It means they love quick confident movements, good body posture and direct a frank look in the eyes.


We could make an endless list of everything that we like in the opposite sex. But the very evolution has created the central point of attraction to a partner in our subconscious a long time ago. And therefore, when we meet each other, we immediately look THERE! We don’t even realize it, we just look THERE.




A man. Only the major sex hormone (testosterone) makes a man of a man. There are several signs in a male’s appearance which shows the high level of the hormone in his blood – a hairy chest, a flat stomach and baldness. But the most obvious sign of high testosterone is tremendous upper-body strength. Moreover, the most representative indicator of a man with high testosterone is the deltoid (or spherical deltoid) that makes his shoulders wide and makes the figure look more athletic.

So, everything a man has upper body just reflects a male’s hormonal background. Why has evolution made sure that testosterone increases physical strength? – Powerful muscles were needed by our ancestors to hunt and protect family. And although times have changed women first look at a man’s powerful torso. So, a woman subconsciously assesses how a man is reliable as a defender of a genus and a father of the health of future generations.


A woman. The lady’s pretty face can blow most men away. But the basic priority is still different. What is the priority? I answer – LEGS!!! Yes, yes, women’s legs!!!

It is also explained by the laws of physiology. The muscles of the shoulder girdle in both sexes are under the control of testosterone, they are testosterous. And in the female body the hormone is sorely lacking  so the upper body is not powerful compared to the lower body. Physiology explains it by the fact that everything below the waist is controlled by the female sex hormone (oestrogen). The female hormone – the antagonist of testosterone, the very hormone which makes a woman of a woman. Female beauty, charm, female libido and physiological ability to give birth to healthy offspring – everything is the work of the hormone! Oestrogen in women triggers metabolic processes in leg muscles. Therefore, to build up leg muscles for a woman is so important.

A few months ago we interviewed Russian-speaking people about their agreement/ disagreement with the statement that everything men have above the belt and everything women have below the waist attracts looks of the opposite sex in the first place. And more 40% agreed with it. Now we ask the whole world and we created the international survey at the end of the article. We wonder what you think. Of course you can respond in detail in the comments, just do not forget about censorship!

Do you agree with the statement that at first glance women look at men's upper body and men evaluate women’s lower body?

I'M A MAN. When I first look at a woman, I pay attention to the zone (the zones are indicated in the picture above)

I'M A WOMAN. When I first look at a man, I pay attention to the zone (the zones are indicated in the picture above)


Best  regards, Bobo145



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