Professional bodybuilders over 70

It is not a secret that men and women who are over 70 can look fresh. If you really want to change yourself, the result will be not long in coming! The legendary professional bodybuilders are living proof of it. Who am I talking about? – Right. I’m talking ABOUT THEM! LOOK!


Jim Arrington (88!!!). His name was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records 2018 as the world’s oldest male bodybuilder. Only look at Jim! It is difficult to call Jim an “OLD” man because he has demonstrated energy and vitality, muscular strength and positive.



Frank Zane (78). Frank is well known as absolute champion of 3 Olympias and a number of other less prestigious competitions. Despite the fact that some of Zane’s victories were accompanied by terrible disputes and scandals his name will always be in the world tops of “Bodybuilding Legends.” Now he is 78 years old and he continues to stay in shape.  Periodically we can see and hear Frank in the media.



Arnold Schwarzenegger (73). This bodybuilding legend and one of the greatest actors needs no introduction because everybody knows Arnold. He worked hard to make himself a successful bodybuilder and now he continues training. From time to time we can see Arnold’s workouts on the Internet and, to tell the truth, it actually motivates most men.



Conclusion: Men who never stop, never give up and who go in for Iron sports look much better than people the same age. But, it’s not just about men!


Only look at GIRLS 70 + who proved to the whole world that age is just a number.



  1. Ernestine Shepherd (84). Ernestine was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world in 2010. Her bodybuilding career began in 1995 and continues today. She also finds the time to be a personal trainer, a professional model, the author of useful literature.



  1. Willie Murphy (83). Willie started professional powerlifting near 13 years ago and she achieved huge successes. Willie Murphy began her way as a self-taught powerlifter and she could prove to herself, to USA and to the whole world that it’s never too late to reach good results if to work hard. Breaking her own and world records on powerlifting Willie became the absolute champion in the largest international competition (Willie won the World Natural Powerlifting Federation of the Year award).



  1. Josefina Monasterio (74). Josefina started the career in bodybuilding 15 years ago and for rather short period collected 25 awards in professional competitions. At the moment the Venezuelan beautiful woman lives in USA and continues to work on herself. Josefina has her own Internet resource where she published useful information about workouts, philosophy and healthy lifestyle.


  1. Rebecca Woody (71). She is an example to everyone who wants to treat illnesses. When Rebecca was 33 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and she was forbidden from ever going in for heavy sport. Only thanks to the fact that Rebecca didn’t stopped and the family supported her at a difficult moment (Rebecca grew up in family of athletes), she continued going in for heavy sport. And 4 years later for the first time she competed at the largest bodybuilding competition. And 4 more years later she took first place in NPC. Bodybuilding made her feel good. Rebecca loves bodybuilding and to stop is not for her.



We admire all of them because they motivate us every day. We want each of them to be healthy and happy! Thank you!


With love, your Bobo145

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